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Hostrelax property management Company was founded in 2017 with the aim of providing property owners with a relaxed and enjoyable rental experience. Our mission is to ensure that every property owner receives stable and substantial rental returns.

We adopt a fully managed and transparent management model, allowing property owners to have real-time access to the performance of the short-term rental market and the status of each rental payment. Over the years, the relentless efforts of the HostRelax team have enabled us to successfully manage over 300 short-term rental properties and 150 long-term rental properties, spanning across Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Central Coast, South Australia, and other areas. We have local offices in both the Gold Coast and Sydney, providing high-quality services to property owners and both short and long-term rental customers.

At the same time, through close cooperation with real estate, mortgage, and other related partners, we also build trustworthy investment portfolios for an increasing number of investors. As the primary manager of the rental portion of these portfolios, we provide comprehensive support for a large number of property owners’ investment properties, achieving true “positive cash flow properties”

Serving our clients with professional real estate standards

Hostrelax is a highly reputed real estate agency in the Australian, and we take pride in strictly adhering to the standards of practice for real estate in Australia. Comparing with some of the vacation rental management companies in the market, we manage your property comprehensively in a legitimate manner as a real estate management agency, allowing landlords to experience the true value of real estate agent services.

We hold real estate licenses in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, the Australian Capital Territory, and South Australia. All rental payments are deposited into the real estate agency’s trust account, settled at the end of each month, and various bills are paid on behalf of landlords. Landlords can access detailed copies of bills and inspection reports at any time. We also provide standardized management agreements, strictly adhering to the different legal requirements for property management in each state. We operate in a transparent and professional manner, genuinely caring about the interests of landlords.

Total management at the highest levels to ensure that you are worry free

Simply hand over the property keys to us, and you can rest assured and let go of everything; we provide truly “one-stop” service.

Easily check your landlord’s monthly statement and rental income each month. Once you entrust your investment property to Hostrelax, whether it’s preparing the property for listing or daily online and offline operations, there’s no need to worry. Our professional team will work tirelessly to ensure the highest occupancy rates while taking meticulous care of your property to safeguard the landlord’s income.

Of course, you can also check your property’s performance, booking rates, prices, income statements, and more through our management platform at any time. Through our management platform, you can even book rooms for yourself or your friends and family to enjoy hotel-style services. We will provide detailed information on all maintenance checks and receipts for all expenses, ensuring that every penny spent under our management is reasonable and transparent.


We are a dedicated and dynamic team who love to do what we are doing. We all benefit from the sharing economy with flexible living style and we want you to have it as well. Let us help you earn more and have a relaxing experience in property management.


+61 2 7228 3199


Mon. - Fri. 9:00 - 17:00

Sydney Office

Suite 202, 71-73 Archer St, Chatswood NSW 2067

Gold Coast Office

Shop 2, 3290 Surfers Paradise Blvd, Surfers Paradise QLD 4217


Please contact us if you have any project or rental related questions.

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